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Drain Cleaner Water Jet 3,000 PSI, 8 GPM

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The JM-3080 gives you the increased cleaning power of 8 gpm without risking pump damage if your water supply can’t match the pump demand. A 12 gallon buffer tank gives you the safety margin you need when using a high flow water jet to clear larger and more difficult lines. A 614 cc Honda engine with electric start drives a 3000 psi pump through a 2 to 1 gear reducer. The pump features Vibra-Pulse® on demand, to help propel the hose on long runs and around tight bends.

Surprisingly agile for a machine of its size, the JM-3080 is precisely balanced so that with little effort, the machine can be tipped back on its rear wheels to more easily maneuver it into position. A removable 300 ft. capacity hose reel with drag brake, reel lock, and swivel is mounted on a heavy duty frame with four 13” “Flat-Free” foam core tires. A wheel brake keeps the machine solidly positioned on the job.

Standard safety features include a thermal relief valve to protect the pump from heat damage, along with a back flow check valve and inlet filter. Complete with tool box and spray wand with trigger. Comes with JN-110-1 & JN-100-1 nozzle sets.

Made in USA


  • Powerful jet clears stubborn grease stoppages and ice.
  • If you want more water, you’d have to buy a trailer.
  • For large lines and long runs, 8″ dia. lines up to 600 ft. long.
  • 614 cc (20 hp) Honda engine with low oil shut off.
  • 2 to 1 Gear reducer extends pump life.
  • Heavy duty 3000 psi, 8 gpm pump with Vibra-Pulse®.
  • Rides on four flat-free foam core tires and heavy duty easily maneuverable frame.
  • 300 ft. capacity removable hose reel with reel brake.
  • Optional Cart-Reel for clearing indoor drains.
  • Made in U.S.A.

This is what separates General’s Jet-Set® from ordinary pressure washers. Vibra-pulse breaks the initial tension between the surface of the hose and the walls of the pipe, thus helping the hose slide around tight bends and propels itself farther down the line.

Easy Handling
Surprisingly agile for a machine of its size, the JM-3080 is precisely balanced so that with little effort, the machine can be tipped back on its rear wheels to more easily maneuver it into position.


  • Jet Nozzles 
    Whether you’re up against grease, sand, or ice, there’s a General nozzle that will cut through it. Some are designed for maximum penetrating power, some are designed to pressure wash the pipe walls, and some are designed to go around sharp bends. All of General’s nozzles are made of hardened stainless steel to last longer. See the Nozzle page for more information.
  • Jet Hose
    Tough high pressure jetting hose comes in a variety of lengths and diameters. Use the 3/8″ ID hose for clean outs, 4″ through 8″ floor drains, and septic lines at distances up to 300 ft. With the 1/4″ ID hose, you can clear 2″ through 4″ lines up to 200 ft. away. And the Super-Flex 1/8″ hose has the flexibility to get through 1-1/2″ and 2″ lines and bends up to 75 ft. down the line.
  • Spray Wand
    Get a spray wand and use your jet for high pressure washing and cleaning applications. Spray wands are made from durable components. The triggers have a light touch, yet can withstand rough usage. The wands are insulated and designed for use with a downstream soap injector. A variety of stainless steel nozzles are available. (Catalog # SWA-3080)


Rotary Nozzles
Make sure you leave the lines crystal clear with General’s rotary nozzles. The JN-RB heavy duty hardened stainless steel rotary nozzles have two 90 degree jets to scour the walls of the pipe, and two 35 degree jets to drive the hose down the line. (Catalog # JN-RB-11)

Chain Saw Nozzles™
Rip through roots with the Chain Saw Nozzle. Lengths of chain can quickly and easily be switched for different diameter pipes. Spins at up to 10,000 RPM. The 3/8″ nozzle is available in 8 gpm models to clear 4″, 6″, and 8″ lines. (Catalog #J-CSN-11).

The Cart-Reel lets you use the power of gas jets in buildings and confined spaces where exhaust fumes can be dangerous.  (Catalog # CM-300) Hose sold separately 

Handy-Reel™ with Foot Pedal.
For use with any jet, the compact 200 ft. capacity Handy- Reel can be attached to a gas jet so you can use the power of the gas jet inside a building. The more compact Handy-Reel can be easily carried up to the roof to clear vents and stacks.
(Catalog # HM-200-W) Hose sold separately

Foot Pedal 
The optional Foot Pedal gives you added safety. Water flows when you step on the pedal and stops when you lift your foot. Made of rugged steel components, the Foot Pedal attaches between the outlet of the pump and the inlet of the hose reel. (Catalog # FM-1)






Pump: Triplex w/Vibra-pulse®Pressure: 3000 psiFlow: 8 gpm

Engine: 614 cc w/Low oil shut off, electric start, and gear reducer

Hose Reel: Removable, swivel, drag brake, and reel lock, 300 ft. x 3/8” hose capacity

Weight: 375 lbs. (170 kg)

Dimensions: 43” L x 29” W x 56” H (109 cm x 74 cm x 142 cm)

Weight: 0.0 lb
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