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Mortar Mixer vertical shaft 12 cubic feet

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The Mix 360 Offers Unparalleled Production and Jobsite / Plant Safety
IMER built the first vertical shaft towable mixers 25 years ago using the principles of concrete batch plant design which allows for the paddles to rotate through the mix rather than lift and drop it as conventional mortar mixers do. The Mix 360 mixes very low slump materials like dry pack mortar and refractory cement with ease.

Made in Italy

Model # 1194585-E | 220V/60Hz 5 HP, Single Phase
Model # 1194585-E | 220V or 440V/60Hz 5 HP, 3 Phase
Model # 1194585-G | 11 HP Honda GX
Formerly named the Mortarman 360.

Standard Equipment
• Tow package - bar, hitch
• 18" pneumatic highway tires and torsion bar suspension
• 12 cu ft drum capacity
• 9 cu ft batch output
• ​Forklift pockets

New iDust Grate 

Drum Capacity 12 cu. ft.
Batch Output 9 cu. ft.
800 lbs.
Drum Diameter 38 inch
Dimensions 59" x 58" x 44"
Weight 800 lbs.

Project-Mixing Imer Product Application
Mixing Concrete (large batch 400-800 LB) Workman II 250 or 350
Stucco (small batch-1 bag 80 LB or less) Mini Mix 60
Stucco (medium batch-2 bag 80 LB) Mix 120 Plus
Stucco (large batch 400 LB or more) Workman II 250 and 350
Mortar (small batch 80 LB or less) Mini Mix 60
Mortar (small batch 160-270 LB) Mix 120 Plus or Minuteman
Mortar (large batch 400-800 LB) Workman II 250 or 350

Weight: 800.0 lb
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