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Concrete mixer 9 cu ft steel drum

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Whether you’re looking for a large capacity series, a smaller more compact model, or the right rental machine Crown’s solid line-up of concrete mixers offer all the solutions.

Our standard features are a guide to the industry. Features that make for efficient set-up, operation, and as importantly, safe transportation to and from the job site.

Crown, the right mix of product and price mean solid results.

When it comes to the industry leader, there’s no mix up – It’s Crown Construction Equipment.

  1. The welded drum is manufactured using high abrasion-resistant steel, giving Crown mixers longer life with less maintenance.
  2. Two sets of laser cut steel blades provide a smooth, fast and more thorough mix.
  3. Crown’s new dumping mechanism comes standard with a multi-position drum lock for easy cleaning, flexibility and greater capacity.
  4. Safety chains come standard on all crown concrete mixers.
  5. Crown’s rugged tow pole is retractable or removable and easily stows away when not in use for safer operation.
  6. Our newly redesigned frame provides improved durability and stronger support in the areas you need it.
  7. Crown’s innovative rubber torsion suspension system provides the industry’s smoothest  towing and handling.
  8. High speed taper roller bearings are standard on all towable Crown mixers for improved durability.
  9. Sturdy vented engine housing comes standard with a swing-away hood, providing easy engine access.
  10. Our drive pinions and gear rings are made with cast iron, providing better durability and longer life.


Batch Capacity Bag 1 to 1 -1/2 bags
Mixing Capacity cu.ft (lt) 9 cu.ft (260)
Engine Power 8 HP Honda
Drive System V-Belt to Gears
Wheel Size 13x6.5
Overall Width in (cm) 50"(127)
Length(Tow pole in)in (cm) 83"(211)
OverHeight (cm) 63"(160)
Operating Weight lbs. (Kg) 868 lbs. (394)

Drump wrap

1/8" Steel


Download a parts diagram here.

Weight: 920.0 lb
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