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Post hole digger two man 7/8" square drive

Post hole digger two man 7/8" square drive

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Featuring totally enclosed gear transmissions, both models have all metal, centrifugal clutch assemblies that slip upon overload or sudden contact with buried obstructions. Innovative Comfort-Flex'" operator handles actually flex under load to help absorb vibration and stress. This dramatically reduces operator fatigue, resulting in increased production and jobsite safety. Built with high strength plastic, the handles are highly resistant to ultraviolet light and external damage.

A full line of augers featuring Pengo" type boring heads is available for a wide range of soil conditions, and extended digging depths are possible with the addition of full flighted auger extensions.

Type: GXV160 Honda
Horse Power: 5.5 HP
Starter: Hand rewind
Fuel: Gasoline, unleaded automotive grade

Type: Totally-enclosed, grease- lubricated
Nominal Auger Rotation Speed: 3600 RPM, no load
Clutch: 3" (76mm) diameter all-metal automatic-centrifugal, slips on overload.
Drive shaft Connection: 7/8" (22mm) square Ground Hog Type
Maximum Drilling Torque: 190 ft. lbs. (74 N.m)

Diameter: 2" (51mm) to 18" (457mm)
Extention: Flighted and Non-flighted plain tube, depth to 45" (1143mm) 

Weight: 71.0 lb
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