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Float Pan ProForm (4 Blade)

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  • $399.08

Achieve flatter floors with less time on the job! Kraft Tool's ProForm® float pans are designed to provide even coverage when using non-overlapping "walk behind" and "ride-on" power trowelers. The blades have a slight bevel to keep pans from digging into the concrete while working. The finish area is slightly smaller than the float pan due to this beveling. The sturdy thick gauge steel construction means strength and long wear. The float pans fits right over four power troweler blades with Z-Clips securing the pan. The Z-Clip style pan fits right over the power troweler blades. Slots on the float pan fit to to power troweler blades on the machine. The design of the blade slots lets the pan be used on trowelers that run either direction. Rotate pans for optimal life of the pan. The pans should be stored vertically and securely. Poor storage can lead to bending and damage. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Heavy gauge steel pan
  • Beveled to avoid digging into the concrete
  • Z-Clip Style connections secure pan to blades
  • Rotate pan for optimal life
  • Fits on 4 blade machines
  • Must ship via truck
  • Made in the USA
Name SK400F




SK401F SK401 SK406F SK406
Thickness 0.013 0.103 0.134 0.134 0.103 0.103 0.134 0.134
Gauge 12  12  10 10 12  12 10 10
Diameter 35-3/4" 35-3/4" 45-3/4" 45-3/4" 36-1/2" 36-1/2 47-3/4" 47-3/4"
Blade height
3/4" 1/2" 3/4" 1/2" 3/4"
Weight: 35.0 lb

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