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Brake Buddy for aluminum benders

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Special order item.

Rib forming tool for PRO series

This revolutionary tool can add value to your business by allowing you to deliver enhanced style and individuality to trim work. Use the Brake Buddy to produce brickmold trim and decorative ribs from trim coil in seconds. The measurement guide and quick-twist handle deliver quick adjustments and simple, efficient operation. For use with any Tapco portable brake. Includes molded plastic storage case.

Capacities: .019 aluminum; PVC-coated aluminum; Vinyl-coated trim coil

Included Rollers: Rib Rollers, Graduated Brickmold Rollers

Optional Rollers, Sold Separately: Traditional brick mold rollers; V-Groove roller; Crown Mold Roller Kit
Includes 14553 and 14554 rollers
Optional rollers available are 14555, 14547, 14556  

Weight: 15.0 lb
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