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Female Connector 20A 125V 2 Pole 3 Wire 5-20 Marinco

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20A 125V 2P 3W (5-20R) Standard Connector - White Body in a Black Housing 5369

Marinco offers a full line of industry specific products with the Marinco tradition of innovative design and customer response. Many features and benefits are universal to all Marinco brand products.

  • Bevel housing prevents snagging nearby equipment
  • Dust seals keep foreign materials from terminals
  • Internal cord clamp limits wear and prevents cord from loosening
  • A variety of cord clamp inserts to grip most cord sizes securely
  • Redundant color-coded terminal markings add to wiring ease and safety
  • Terminal screws are installed in open position to speed assembly
  • Wire entry holes are located close together to ease insertion of wires
  • Spacious housings for faster assembly, easy clamping to cable and convenient wire stripping
  • Speed style screws for faster assembly
Weight: 0.0 lb

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