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Wobblelight® Jr. 27" 80W LED Work Light

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  • $453.36

The 27” tall, patented self-righting Wobblelight® Jr. is a work light that can take a rough handling on and off the jobsite. These high-output lights are ideal for applications requiring temporary lighting in areas up to 35 feet in diameter. Bright and dependable, the Wobblelight® Jr. delivers maximum light output with no hot surfaces.

  • Self-ballasted, instant-on technology
  • Integrated 5 Ft. power cord
  • Counter-weighted, self-righting design
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate dome


Wobblelight® Jr. 27" 80W LED Work Light - Lumens: 9000, Cord Guage: SJTW, Cord Type: SJTW, Cord length: 5 ft., 85 watts, 1 per case


Weight: 23.8 lb

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