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Cutter set Handy electric for 1/4", 5/16" & 3/8" cables

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Handylectric Cutter Set (Includes Arrow head, Flexible Arrow Head, 1-1/4″ Side Cutter Blade, Boring Gimlet, & Down Head Boring Gimlet)

(AH, FAH, 1-1/4 in SCB, BG, DHBG) 

AH Arrow Head Starting Drill - Starting Drill (Gets water flowing)

BG Boring Gimlet - For removing loose objects

DHBG Down Head Boring Drill - For removing loose objects (Goes down waste, not up stack)

FAH Flexible Spring Arrow Head Cutter Starting Drill  - (For  sharp turns and small lines)

1-1/4 SCB 1-1/4" Side Cutter Blade (2-piece set) - For cutting and scraping

Weight: 0.5 lb
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