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Brick splitter maximum cutting height 9.25" / length 25.6"

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  • $4,422.25

Designed for splitting:
• Retaining Wall
• Cap Stone
• Rough Cut Face Stone
• Granite
• Paving Stones - and most other flat stone materials on the market today
• Over 20 ton cutting force
Spring loaded tray for angled “undercuts” when cutting pavers
Adjustable blade height: for all ‘flat faced’ products up to 235 mm
Heavy weight construction: takes a lot of abuse
Reversible blades: with 3 cutting edges

Cutting Width: 25.6”
Cutting Height: 9.25”
Length of tool: 28.74”
Width of tool: 32.28”
Height of tool: 40.95”
Weight: 218.26 lbs

Made in England

Weight: 219.0 lb

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