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Cup wheel bi-turbo MK-704SG-2

Cup wheel bi-turbo MK-704SG-2

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MK–704SG-2 Bi-Turbo Diamond Cup Wheels are designed for high efficiency surface grinding and cleaning of concrete. Bi-Turbo cup wheels utilize a unique large format turbo segment design that maximizes diamond surface contact with the work surface resulting in fast and very aggressive material removal. The large air hole design improves cooling and dust evacuation.


Diameter Arbor Part #
7" (178mm) 7/8"-5/8" 167115
Segment Height 6mm
Diameter Nut Part #
6" (152mm) 5/8"-11 162698
7" (178mm) 5/8"-11 167114
Segment Height 6mm
Weight: 2.41 lb
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