Cut Off for PRO14 & PRO19, c/w case

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Part Number: 10379A
Cut Off for PRO14 & PRO19, c/w case
The PRO Cut-Off lets you quickly and safely make factory-quality cuts right on your brake. Its single-pass cutting precision eliminates the use of dangerous utility knives and open blades, and the costly knifing damage they can cause to bending hinges. The ergonomic grip allows smooth, sure-handed operation. Includes molded plastic storage case, along with two PRO Cut-Off Gauges to simplify cutting with easy distance identification. Lightweight aluminum construction is built to last. For use with all PRO Series Brakes (1995 and after).Capacities: Aluminum up to .030, Galvanized Steel up to 28 ga., Copper up to 16 oz., All Vinyl. 
Part Number 10379A
Price: $925.00
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Weight 10
F. O. B Laval, QC

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