Tungsten carbide insert for coatings removal system unit

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Part Number: SG24-1900-030
Tungsten carbide insert for coatings removal system unit
The Tungsten Carbide insert provides 8 wear edges. Designed for removing a wide range of urethanes, rubber membranes, material buildups, paints, masticd, etc. Production rates of up to several hundred square feet per hour the SCRAPE-R-TACH system bring a quick return on investment.
Material: Tungston carbide
Application: Removal of thicker layers of materials, including:
adhesives, epoxies, urethanes and paints.
Hints: Tungsten carbide inserts feature 8 wear edges. Test procedure: scrape blunt file edge against surface to determine effectiveness. Use water and sand slurry to increase productivity on extrudable materials. Add weight to grinder to increase productivity.
Service Life: Variable from 1 to 8 hours per wear edge.
Dimensions: (1) Quad-Sert™ insert: 1 inch x 1 inch 
Part Number SG24-1900-030
Price: $62.00
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Made in USA!
Weight 0.01
F. O. B Pickering, ON

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