scarifier MK-SG-9 Honda GX270 W/5 PT carbide drum

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Part Number: 158941
scarifier MK-SG-9 Honda GX270 W/5 PT carbide drum

Scarifier Features:
Electric models made in the USA - gas models assembled in the USA
Designed for scarifying, roughening, planing, leveling, smoothing, or creating grooves in concrete surfaces
Can be used to remove paint or coatings, and to clean and prepare concrete surfaces prior to coating, re-coating, and floor covering installation
Rugged sand casting and heavy gauge steel construction
Precision adjustable depth control
Engage/disengage lever allows operator to raise and lower the cutter drum without changing depth setting
Quick-change drum

Model MK-SG-9 MK-SG-5
Engine/Motor Honda (Gas) Baldor (Electric)
Power GX270 Cyclone 5 HP 230V Single Phase
Weight (not including drum)
170 lbs. (77kg) 170 lbs. (77kg)
Drum Dimensions (Dia. x L)
6" x 8" 6" x 8"
Drum Weight
30 lbs. (14kg) 30 lbs. (14kg)
LxWxH (inches)
23" x 20" x 43" 23" x 20" x 43"
LxWxH (mm)
813 x 508 x 1,092 813 x 508 x 1,092 

Part Number 158941
Price: $4,526.00
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Weight 200
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